What Caused Your IRS Problem?

Every year Millions of Americans fall behind on their taxes.


What Caused The
IRS Problem?
How To Resolve
The IRS Problem

Taxpayer or loved one is stricken by illness. Taxpayer unable to file or pay taxes.
Financial Hardship

All available money is used to pay for food and shelter, leaving no funds to pay the taxes.
Child Support

Taxpayerís emotional and financial resources are spent on ending the marriage. Tax records are lost and taxes not filed or paid. Spouses use income to pay child support.
Tax Audit

Taxpayer is not notified or canít produce records. An agent is overly aggressive, or taxpayer does not have adequate tax help.
Unfiled Taxes

The taxpayer either fails to file taxes for a number of years. The IRS may present a tax bill that is much higher than would actually been owed.
Business Problems

A business owner falls behind on taxes because customers are not buying as much, or stopped paying. This is very common with payroll taxes.
Other Causes There are numerous other causes that lead a taxpayer to fall out of compliance. From erroneous advise to claiming too many deductions.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, it is almost certain that you have received certified letters. Unfortunately, the threatening IRS collection letters are only the beginning of an IRS tax problem. When IRS problems get this far, you probably need tax help.

From IRS tax liens to bank levies, from wage garnishments to outright closure of your business, or seizure of your home - the IRS has a number of powerful tax collection tools that could destroy your family's finances. However, taxpayers have a great arsenal of tax resolution tools to help minimize the devastating effects of IRSí enforced tax collections. This site was designed to provide taxpayers with objective and accurate IRS Tax Help. Our experienced tax attorneys invite you to research your tax problem with the IRS, explore your options, and download helpful IRS forms from this site.

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